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Genesis Coworking is a St. John's-based coworking space. We offer individuals and small teams from all sectors an inspiring place to work and collaborate.

Many entrepreneurs, community groups, and students feel isolated and open to distraction in coffee shops and home offices -- and many are wary of the financial commitment or lack of flexibility that comes with leasing their own space.

We're committed to solving those roadblocks for you, offering month-by-month coworking, fixed desk, and private office memberships with access to professional boardrooms and all maintenance and amenities provided for.

Don’t work alone, work with us.




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30 Harvey Road, Suite 2
St. John's, NL

(709) 689-3605


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Genesis Coworking is a membership-based organization shared by some of the best small businesses and professionals in the city.
Explore our membership options below. Not sure which one is right for you? Reach out or book a tour.


1. Fixed Desk

$350/month for a reserved space.
For the coworker who likes to return to the same space daily, or permanently set up a monitor (or two!) As an added bonus, fixed desk members will also have the ability to book the seminar rooms at the Emera Innovation Exchange (Signal Hill Campus).


$250/month for 24/7 access.
This membership is for the full-time entrepreneur, freelancer, or student looking for a better place to work. As an added bonus, full time coworking members will also have the ability to book the seminar rooms at the Emera Innovation Exchange (Signal Hill Campus).


$125/month for 5 days per month + unlimited evenings and weekends.
Perfect for anyone with a regular daytime commitment, but the desire for ultra-productive spare time.


$20 / Day
The perfect option for those with unpredictable deadlines or schedules, but the desire to join the Genesis community when it works for them.

5. Mailbox rental

$50 / Month
For the coworker who wants a formal mailing address with the capability to take both letters and large packages. This option also includes 2 hours of boardroom time.


We now have private office space available to rent!

Email us to find out more details!


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